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ommgg i love this game smmm !! i got the bad endings first, then i got the good endings as i skipped and saw how the skip stopped when thre was a time pond  ! ! TYSM FOR THAT FEATURE!! i just wanted to say that this was a VERY AMAZING game and im super happyy augjjhkjh I LOVE THIS MWAAA <333 i wish we had an invar route n the full voice acting u mentioned in the devlog BUT ITS OK. U AND UR TEAM WORKED SUPER HARD AND IM PROUD ! ! ! if an invar route ever comes out... WAKE ME UP! BEFORRE YOU GO GO! i love this agme a lot and i wil just have to dream about an invar route where 

we can be silly time reapers tgether  :3333333333333333

yeah but im gonna fight him >:( i wanted my husband (lonan) to live


I'M BACK GUYSS (this is THE long review)

i loved the memes in the game (all hail the meme lord, kuronan) and the brief japanese really made me happy!

as expected from me, i got a bad end on first try (lonan's route) and really loved ALL of the characters, no kidding: ALL of the characters (except that rude b*tch spike). including salt (i know his name is malt) and pepper and i really liked how they didn't feel angry after seeing wren, instead felt happy. though we'll discuss about the characters later.

first the art: it was simply BEAUTIFUL. the main menu art is still engraved in my mind, like, it was soooo gorgeous and the characters also were really fine. wren is really pretty and her personality is so cool <3 i love her so much!

the bgm in the main menu is so good and suitable for this game that whenever i hear the clock's sound, it sends shivers down my spine and seeing the memento gallery after finishing all the endings made me feel really happy (except the bad end ones; they were so painful T_T) and small details such as the "exit" button written as "stop time" etc (i think there were more, but i don't remember) these details connect so well to the story that i'm pretty amazed.


i know i should have saved this topic for last but i just had a feeling that i should save the characters for last

anyways, the story was pretty good, which made the endings even better! 

lonan's route was really heartwarming and i really  loved his and wren's dynamic (they were so in-sync lmaoo) and obviously, the good end (though i sobbed for half an hour because of invar at the end...nevermind, in all happy ends!) the cooking scene in the memories scene made me pretty emotional. i'm saving content to write for the "characters" section so this is the end of his route.

now, galvin's route. first of all, i fell in love with him at first sight after seeing him in lonan's route (i immediately understood that he is a tsundere) and couldn't wait to play his route. again, his bad end made me pretty sad and boyy i didn't know that he didn't like gooey and sweet things (god i love sweets!!!) if i knew, i wouldn't have chosen the nutella-banana crepe T_T (i didn't know choices of what to eat affected the ending and it most fairly did) his route was HILARIOUS and his backstory of how he came to like spicy things made me wheeze. i also liked his and kana's dynamic (they're so lovable T_T) and his route's review has come to end.

it's time for the ~characters~

as i said in the start, i loved wren and i can kinda relate to her anxiety of about "what if they don't like me?" or "will they be disappointed in me?" and honestly, these thoughts of mine always flood my daily life, though i can be open on the internet (i couldn't do even that a few days ago and i had been using itch for a while, but i never once commented on VNs and had the same thoughts even though i don't know anyone T_T) but i'm kind oo confident now and can express my thoughts without any problems (only on the internet)

now, back to the topic, i loved wren and her character design! <3

lonan was sooo cute and cheerful (i like almost all of the dere types, and obviously, derederes too!) he cheered up my mood and made me feel reallyy happy (obviously his character dynamic with wren too!)

but i kind of got yandere vibes for a sec when he punched spike, though it lasted only for a moment then completely disappeared. but it would've been a huge plot twist if he was actually a yandere, but he's okay as the deredere he is! also his character design was really good and totally suited his character, especially the closed eyes and :3

now, kana! she was the only female character as much as i remember and was so easy-going! i liked the way she was always the one to suggest/lead a group hug (and GOD the chibis were cute! T_T) i also really liked her character design and also how she introduced galvin as her little brother and he got annoyed! as i mentioned before, i liked their dynamic too!

lastly, galvin! i LOVE tsunderes and couldn't get enough of him! i just bumped into him in my first try and instantly knew he was a tsundere!(he kind of reminds me of chuuya from bungou stray dogs, probable because of the way he wears his coat, height and tsundere-ness) he was also really handsome (though was a perfectionist) and made me simp on him everytime i saw him! he was the grump-short-height type and obviously, i love them!

it's the end of the review, but i wanted to ask sometheng...why are they wearing winter clothes when it's FREAKING JUNE!!???? it bothered me the whole time! (it's okay if you don't reply *can't blame you*  because i know almost nobody reads my long-ass reviews :D)

the game was really good and thrilling. most recommended!

Hello, this is Pri, the writer; thank you for your sweet review!! I'm happy you liked the game so much!!

The reason why they're wearing winter/autumn clothes in June is because the story doesn't take place in USA. It's a fictional country where summertime isn't during June. 

I see! :O

Thanks for the replyyy <3333 It was my dream to get one from youu T^T (no exaggeration)


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EDIT: yes, i know there's going to be one.

dear my past self, you had not prepared for the worst-case-scenario. thus, you have reached a bad end (you would've gotten it anyway, but it wouldn't have hurt THAT bad).

i'm really sorry (though it's not really anybody's fault).

not me sobbing over every happy end after seeing invar's sad smile :'(

Although it took me a few tries to get all the endings because I'd sometimes miss stuff or lag during investigation in the time pond, I feel that the game is really awesome

I do wish we could have had  the invar route, otherwise I really like this game

The game kind of surprised me when I first played it cause I was like what is going on, and then I went up with the routes, and surprisingly, I got more surprised

I like the characters, the plot, the damn game, the home title art is SO good too

Also I do wish we had gotten voice acting cause It's kind of tiring voicing them all while playing the game and shitting my brains out every 5 minutes but I really like the self voicing enabling thing cause It makes me laugh and I find it appreciating and nice 

I really like this game

(I wrote this review cause I was bored and it worked '-')

<3 Lonan


i'd happily take that Invar route. But also, he makes me mad >:(

but at the same time, the chibi hub smile makes me melt a little bit.


Hi! Now that it's been almost a year since the last update I wonder if you perhaps have a slightly better idea of when the next one would be? I usually like to play games when they're already finished, one of the reasons being my bad memory (I'd either forget a lot of important information between updates or have to replay the whole thing everytime). If you don't then that's fine too, I just wanted to ask! I'm especially curious about Invar's route as it seems to be the biggest thing that's yet to be added to the game. Or perhaps it's not going to happen after all? Thank you for your hard work! ☺️♥️


Hello! Pri the writer, here! Thank you so much for the interest in our game! ☺️

As regards Hummingbird's Crown main story in itself, the game is already finished, since this story in particular only works with Lonan and Galvin as the love interests. We did plan to add an Invar route, at some point, that would have a similar concept but deviate from what happens in the common route from this game.

At the moment, though, it's hard to say if we'll ever release Invar's route. All the members of our team are from different countries and timezones, and all of us have our day jobs as well as other things going on. Maybe one day it'll be made! But for now it's uncertain.

Thank you for your sweet comment! ♥️

Oh, alright, I understand 😯 Thanks for replying to me! I hope you guys will have lots of fun while working on your future games as well! 😄♥️


OMG This is so good! I just hope that I could play Invar route in the next update. He is so so cute


I can't get over how cuuuuuute this game is ermagahhhhhhd I love Lonan <3 The MC is badass, too! I really loved the point-and-click mechanics, along with the separate hub where we could see Invar and LIs at the table. Super cool concept!! Thank you so much for sharing your game with us!


GOOD GAME! At first I like Galvin more, just after looking at the characters' profiles. But truns out that Lonan is also very cute. I like them both!😁

And just a little piece of advice: please make the choice buttons in the phone text messages more clearly, I clicked on the one I didn't want accidentally for several times (I didn't even see there is a choice to make when rushing to skip). Also, about the button of the watch besides the one of the phone. The problem is that I didn't even see it shining, though it's just at the right side( maybe I was too focused on the texts since I'm not a native-speaker).

Anywho hoo(did I use it correctly? lol), I really enjoy the game^^!


I'm joining the queue for the Invar route. Loved all the references, plus introducing every new scene Ace Attorney style too! I loved it! <3


Only got one ending, but I loved it. I understood every reference I saw and as another person said it felt natural, and not cheesy, it was nice. Really enjoyed this game!


count another vote in the invar route waiting room

great writing, fun point-and-click (i didn't realize how much i missed this genre i'll go look for that next), lovely people to talk to

I think I got most of the references and they somehow felt natural, how did you do that.

the main menu is gorgeous and the music picks are perfect

I had a great time- pun very intended


This game is really great,I really appreciate the dialogue it's really nice

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What does "sex-neutral characters" mean?


Hello! A person who is sex-neutral is someone who has no strong feelings about sex. They don't see it in a negative nor positive way, they're just neutral about it. 

like asexual?

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Wren, Galvin and Lonan are all on the asexual spectrum (Wren is demisexual, Galvin is graysexual and Lonan is asexual) and all 3 of them happen to be sex-indifferent.

However, not all asexuals are like that. Some asexuals are sex favorable while other asexuals are sex repulsed. Aces have different experiences, it depends on the person.


Sounds pretty complicated). I thought there were like 2 types of asexuals - those who are repulsed by sex and those who aren't against it...
And graysexual sounds like someone who has very low libido but on rare occasions get aroused nonetheless.


Asexuality is a spectrum, that's why not all asexuals are the same. If you want to learn more about asexuality, I recommend this video  as well as David J Bradley's videos on asexuality.


Dang. This game is good! UI is cool, theme, colors, and the overall aesthetic. I also like the gameplay incorporated to it though at first, I was a bit disoriented coz I was used to just narrative VNs with some choices. But I like it! The friendship of these 3 made me tear up, hoping I could also meet my precious online friends someday. Lonan is precious. Though I usually find similar characters cringey, I love how his internal struggles were fleshed out in a short time without it being unnatural or forced. I liked him and his route.
I'm running the Galvin route now. Here's to hoping how I can break through the wall of these tsudere-ish guy(coz he's actually honest most of the time)

Hello, I played the game since the day before yesterday and got a bad end. I don't know what I did wrong, I selected all the answers that got the shards. Is there a walkthrough of this game?


Hello! Thank you so much for playing our game, here's the walkthrough for the game, hope you can get the good endings!


Thank you so much! Turns out I forgot to get the paradoxes and I finally got the good ending!


omggggggggg this game is AMAZING!!!ur stories and arts are REALLY awesome!!!i just finished Lonan's 2 ends(oh he's such a cutie🥰

btw actually i like Invar👉👈(that doesn't mean i don't like Lonan but Invar was the first man who caught my heart<3333 and i know u guys will create an Invar route, so im sooooooooo excited🥰

i hope u'll do more great work(please don't overwork, ok🥺) in the future and also happy new year<3(sry im a few days later


Aww, thank you so much! <3 Lonan is such a sweetheart, isn't he?
We're glad that many people looking forward to Invar's route :D
Happy New Year! We hope you'll have a great year this 2023!


I will be patiently awaiting an Invar route.



very interesting story and art is well done. I do have one point I would like to address though, so SPOILER WARNING for ending!

The ending was a little rushed. Not the ending as a whole, but the fact that the story skips over those six minuets she won and how she saved everyone is never actually adressed. The accident is explained completley, and we are told we have earned 6 minuets, but then it cuts directly to the epolougue. This could have worked if in said epolouge the resolution was adressed via diolauge or a flash back, but this did not happen. It very much feels like reading a book and the page before the last is missing. All in all, great work, and since it seems that devs might be adding another route, I sincerly hope this is also added when they post the updated version of the game. I really enjoyed this game and would love if I could see it reach it's full potential :)

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Just played the game, and I really enjoyed it!  I'm a sucker for a good time loop story.  All the characters are delightful (and I look forward to seeing what you do with Invar's route someday). Thanks for sharing it with us!

Also, I love the bird theme naming for the characters! Little details like that are so fun and show the thought that went into your work.


Aww thank you so much!! ☺️💕

We're really happy to know you enjoyed the story and are looking forward to Invar's route!

Hehe, thinking names for the characters is a lot of fun to us so we're glad you liked this detail 😊🌸


Played this game a couple of months ago and just loved it so much, i don't have much to say except that I'm hoping for a third route! xD I'm starving for it. No pressure, just wanted you to know how much I'm in love with your game and the world you guys created because a lot of times people enjoy stuff but never express it to the devs and so the devs never know how much they're appreciated haha. So that's what this post is mostly about, to shower you guys with love and show that there's definitely a demand for more! Looking forward to you guy's future work!


That is so sweet, you're gonna make us cry 😭💘💘💘 thank you so much for such a kind comment, we're really happy to know you enjoyed the game so much!! We're definitely planning to make an Invar route at some point!! ☺️🌸

(2 edits) (+1)

Why excuse me, that's a rather unique desk!

If u can't see, my mouse is hovering in the ceiling, yet there's a table there, which should be in the bottom right

It was pretty fun though I wanna marry Invar ! The mechanic to talk with the characters in the pond is really cool! :D

Also, did this happen with you guys when y'all were at a gamecon? I don't doubt it


Thanks for letting us know about the desk think! We're currently adding voice acting to the game so we'll be sure to check that too ^^

Happy to know you liked Invar and the pond!

Hehe, well, Fable Novel is in the game ;D



Aww it makes us so happy to know you like Galvin!! He's indeed very precious!! ☺️💕

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hey just wanted to let you know while i was playing the game ,in the paradox spot the peculiar objects game the favourite food option was swapped  (burger in galvin's route and flan in lonan's) also id love to see a route for ivar!!


Hello! Hehe yes, that was intentional since you're supposed to look for items that don't match during the paradox mini-game. 

Invar will be getting a route too! 😊


I love the game so much, and the menu art is absolutely gorgeous. Great work!


Thank you so much!! We're happy you enjoyed the game!! ❤️❤️


That was great! Both love interests were adorable and I would be really exited if there was a third. The game is definitely ambitions for a jam - the mini game and hourglass dimension must have taken so much time. 


Thank you so much!! We're happy to know you enjoyed it so much 🥰❤ As for a 3rd route, there are plans for an Invar one in the future! 🐦

We definitely scoped a little too big for this game jam 😂🙈 but seeing you and other people liking the mini games and hourglass dimension makes it all worth it!! Thanks for your sweet comment!! 💕💖


THE ART LOOKS AMAZING cant wait to play this!


Thank you!! We hope you enjoy it whenever you try it out 😊🌸

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I peeped the devlog after playing this AMAZING game and saw you guys said that you'd make a route for you-know-who if there is enough interest. o.o Well I'm here to tell you that there is MAJOR Interest over here at least 100 people's worth from me alone xDD I would LOVEEE the route!

But this was such an amazing experience, WILD to me that you guys made this for a jam!! It definitely does have a big scope haha this could've easily been a longer game and I commend you on being able to make such a concise and engaging story in the confines of the time limits. No one part of it missed! Music, story, graphics, gui, coding, all so TOP NOTCH!!! You guys KILLED it and did NOT have to go that hard lmao!!! I'm just greedy and wish I could see more of this world ;_; I wish it could have been longer because it was SO good and the world building was amazing. You guys practically reinvented the time loop genre lmfao, you guys gave your own unique spin and I absolutely LOVE THAT! Wasn't your average time loop story. Also loved how relatable and down to earth the characters all are! I felt comforted reading the dialogue between the friends but also in moments it was so interested and intriguing and even creepy/suspenseful in other moments! You guys really killed it!

You have a fan over here. Super excited to see what you create in the future!

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Omg your comment made my day 😭💘

Thank you so much for your sweet words!! We're really happy to know you enjoyed the game so much!! ❤️💕 

The game definitely had a big scope, especially with the tricky time loop, and we've certainly paid the price with our sleep schedule 🤣 , so we learned to scope smaller for game jams from now on  💪 . Plus we had a blast making it, so it really means a lot that it was so well received 😊❤️  

You-know-who will definitely have a route sometime 😏 even among the team, a lot of us are fans of him so we're excited to make it!! 

We hope you enjoy our other projects as well! 🌸 

This kept happening when I tried to download.. Please help, I'm on MAC.

That's certainly strange 🤔 Have you tried re-starting your MAC? Or downloading it on another browser? Sometimes it's a weird thing about the browser, I've sometimes had the issue of itch io games not downloading and one of those two usually fixes the issue 💪 

Let me know if that works! 🌸


I'm seriously wondering why the game isn't more popular, it's just SOO GOODDDD


Aww that's really sweet of you to say!! We're happy to know you enjoyed it so much!! 🥰💖🌸


Played for Lonan, stayed for... well, everyone. I knew I was gonna like Galvin, but Lonan was really the one who caught my eyes first 😂

He's such a cutie. Was just thinking how I wanted to give him a hug, but then the very next thing he does is give you a hug (well, hug spin). 

Curious how Kanaria would react to Wren and Galvin going out tho 😏🤭


Aww thanks so much, Ant!! 🥰❤ Happy to know you liked everyone!! 😊💕

Hehe, Lonan catches everyone's heart with his cuteness 💗💞 ☺️

Kana found out at the climax of Galvin's route that there was definitely something going on 😏 She'd definitely tease once she knows about them dating but also be super happy for them 🌸


I just binged the game in one sitting and I just want to say that I LOVED IT. 

The storyline is excellent and the characters are fantastic - Galvin is all grumpy but with a soft centre, Lonan gives off adorable golden retriever energy and Invar is so mysterious and intriguing that I hope he gets his route eventually!


You're so sweet, thank you so much!! 😭❤💘 Invar will definitely have a route too! 😊🌸


i loved invar so much omg i hope he gets a route in the future too... however that'd even work at all


Hehe we're happy to know you like Invar!! We plan to release a route for him next year 🥰💕 


oh my god that makes me even more excited now thank you  😭


This was so cute! I just finished Lonan's route and I loved it. The fact that he's on the ace spectrum makes me so happy, I'm ace too and I rarely see ace characters anywhere. So seeing him, and seeing Wren accept his boundaries and him the way he is made me really happy. Thank you <3


Thank you so much for your kind comment ❤☺️🤗 We're really happy to know you liked Lonan's route!! Hehe yes, Lonan is asexual, Wren is demisexual and Galvin is graysexual! 

It's true, there really isn't much representation for ace characters, especially in Otome! 😞 So we wanted to add many in this story ☺️🌸 I'm (this is Pri the writer) on the ace spectrum too so I had a blast writing acespec characters and it makes me really happy that fellow acespec people can relate to them 🥰💕


Very cute and also very excited for Invar route !!! 

Thank you so much!! 😊


ooo this looks cute

Thank you!! We hope you enjoy the game ☺️❤


I am so excited for Invars's route... If it's going to be a thing. Out of all the characters, I felt so sad for him. His expression at the end... when he says her name!! Ahh, I can't get enough of it.

We're really happy to know you liked Invar so much!! 🥰❤ 

Yes, definitely, we're planning to make a route for him too!! 😎💫

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