Chase scenes' walkthrough

Hello, little droplets!💧This is Pri! 

I was thinking of making a walkthrough at some point but decided to make it now since a few players let me know they were having trouble with the quick time chase scenes and/or weren't fans of quick time events in general and just wanted to get back to the story quickly; and that's completely fair! 

So let's go ahead and start this guide! 🥳

Warning for spoilers!!

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Chase scene 1

When Lacrima first enters the Dark Forest, you'll notice she tries to remember the path to reach the oak tree, where Nox usually is at. This is what she says:

Now, here comes the twist. These directions are the directions to the oak tree, which means that, when Lacrima's heading back to her village while escaping from 'the creature', she needs to inverse the directions. In this sense, the correct directions to escape safely are: 

Forward, Forward, Left, Forward.

I think it was a miss on my part that I put the directions so early in the scene, it'd probably have helped more if they had been written closer to the chase scene. I considered changing it in a later update but I think I'll leave them like this as a reminder for myself to improve in giving hints to the player in future games. 

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Chase scene 2

Since Lacrima looks for Nox for quite a while in this part, causing her to deviate from her usual route, she tells Angis that she doesn't quite know how to get back to her village. So, for this chase scene, you need to pay close attention to Angis' directions. Firstly, he says you need to go straight for the first 2 paths. After that, he finishes his explanation by saying:

Most maps show East on the right of the compass so, in this case, East means right. This would mean that Angis' directions are: Forward Forward, Right, Forward, wouldn't it? HOWEVER, when you keep playing the scene, Lacrima says that she's already walked down the first path, and there are three more to go. Because of this, the correct way to go back to Amber Stone village is: 

Forward, Right, Forward.

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There is one more choice after each of these chase scenes but, since that doesn't involve a quick time event, I think a guide isn't really necessary.

Also, make sure you click on the running options hard cause sometimes the click doesn't register, for some reason, and the timer runs out!

Anywho-hoo, hope this helps!! 

Happy Spooktober!! 🎃  

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