News regarding Panacea

Hello, everyone! Pri, the writer, here! 

It's been quite a while, hasn't it?

I'm making this devlog for a little announcement regarding this project. As some of you may know, Panacea: Rebirth is both a remake of my old RPG Maker Horror demo that I made a few years ago as well as a prequel to the main story that the Fable Novel team made for Spooktober last year. 

At first, our intention was to continue working on this project throughout the year while working on other projects for game jams. However, the story of this game is quite big; it has a lot of world building and content attached to it and it's, honestly speaking, quite ambitious. Of course, this isn't a bad thing, but it's quite hard to maintain a project ongoing inside a group when said project is free and also outside of a game jam, meaning there are no deadlines and everyone is working on it voluntarily. 

Because of this, I've spoken to the other members of Fable Novel and let them know that I'll be continuing this project solo. This means that it'll take longer for the main story to come out but it also means that I'll be able to dedicate more time to it and commission people to help me with things I can't do or have trouble doing by myself (like art and GUI, for instance). Since it's a pretty ambitious project, though, I'll probably be working on spin-offs first. Spin offs that are set in the same world as Panacea: the world of Essentia. 

I don't know if the first Panacea spin-off will be released this year since, at the moment, I'm working on Where Winter Crows Go and Killer Trait, but I can say with certainty that I still AM currently planning a spin off set in the world of Essentia and updates will be announced accordingly when I have something to show. 

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Look forward to the updates and thank you so much to all Panacea fans out there!

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Understand how game jams can be good encouragement to keep working. If it helps, there are longer jams this could qualify for such as FinishIt23, a year long jam for finishing uncompleted projects, and there are also 5 and 10 year game jams.


True, there are longer jams that are really cool! The problem is that all of us members of Fable Novel are from different countries and don't always have the same schedule, so we can't really compromise to work for longer jams >_< That's also another reason why I decided to go solo with Panacea. Thank you for the suggestion, though!


Take your time! I have a special place in my heart for Panacea: Rebirth so while I'm thrilled to see anything new in the same universe, I'm also a big fan of your yandere otome games >< So many things to love, so little time! I'm excited to see the other projects Fable Novel are working on too <3 (and since Panacea is now part of the Gidget fandomverse, hopefully Lacrima can be mentioned in other games ><)


Thank you! It makes me happy you like my stories! ♥

Hehe, I love to leave Easter eggs in anything I write so for sure you can expect mentions of certain characters in new games. Especially if they're set in the same universe (♡ˊ͈ ꒳ ˋ͈)

Thank you for your sweet comment! ♥