Important Poll! Itch & Steam

Hey, everyone! It's Pri, once again! 

So, I've been doing some research about how selling games on Steam works; specifically in Argentina, which is where I'm from. Sad to say that there are a lot of disadvantages to selling games here because of the AWFUL exchange rate. To put an example, let's say you sell a game for 15 USD on Steam. If you were a developer from Argentina, Steam would convert it to around 300 to 500 Argentinian Pesos (which is basically nothing, here). Not to mention, Steam cuts out about 30% of your sales, and if your currency already has a low value... well, let's say it's not really ideal, isn't it? If I sold the game for 5 USD on Steam, this would be cut even more when converted to Argentinian Pesos.

I really wish I could sell games on Steam but knowing this... it doesn't feel worth it. Making games is already really expensive and a lot of the people I commission for art, voice acting and the like are from overseas, so I always need to use US dollars. Earning sales in Argentinian Pesos is less than ideal to me cause' I wouldn't be able to use them for my gamedev funds.

That's why I decided to make yet ANOTHER twitter poll to see just how many people would be willing/are able to buy Killer Trait if it was sold only on Again, I'd really appreciate it a lot if you could help me with your vote. This would be really helpful so as to know how to go about this and come to a decision on whether I'll end up selling the game or not. If you don't happen to have twitter/don't want to make an account, feel free to leave a comment here in the comment section! The poll is now over, thank you so much to everyone who voted and who left comments in this devlog! (´ ω `♡)

Thank you!!

PS: I'm not opposed to the idea of selling games on Steam, in the future, but at the moment, with my current resources and possibilities, it would just be too much effort for very little reward. I'd be open to consider Android, at some point, but it's something that I'll have to research more to know if it's a viable option as well. Thank you for reading!

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Good afternoon! Warm greetings from a fan of your work from Russia. Unfortunately, purchases on itch are not possible for my region, and it would be very cool to see your steam game. But in any case, you deserve a good monetary reward for your efforts, therefore, choose a convenient platform exclusively by yourself! :3


i dont use twitter, but i would very much buy it if you sold it on!!


I'd buy on if you planned on selling it!


No twitter but I will so buy it on Itch


Another person without Twitter popping in to say I would buy on itch!


I don’t have a twitter account but I would buy it if it was an itch exclusive! You put so much hard work and care into these games, you absolutely deserve it :) 


No twitter account, but i'd absolutely buy it from Steam is convenient for having them all in one spot, but i'd rather the devs get the funds they deserve for their projects! 


Man, I can see why you'd want to earn profit for all your hard work! You've clearly have put a lot of love and effort into it, I'd probably bawl my eyes out if it ended up costing money for the full game or something just cause my wallet is empty lol. However, I fully support in whatever direction you take this in!! I feel as though you being able to earn funds for your hard work is so much better! <33


I don't have a twitter account but I wanted to let you know I would buy the game even if it was only offered on


Nothing wrong with an Itch exclusive. The only thing is that the price being in USD might make it prohibitively expensive to some people since it won't adjust the currency for them the way Steam does. (I'm in Canada and would still easily be able to buy it!)


Hello! Thank you for your comment! 

Yeah, it's true that not everyone would be able to buy it only on itch because of the price, which Steam solves by converting the currency. The problem is that Steam also adjusts the currency for the developers... and that really messes up their sales (T_T)

For instance, let's say that an Argentinian developer wanted to sell their game for around 15 USD. In Argentinian pesos (according to Steam's exchange rate) the game would be selling at around 256 Argentine Pesos. 256 Argentine Pesos is 0.90 dollars, it's not even a dollar. That's why it wouldn't be worth it for me at the moment to sell games on Steam, unfortunately, even though I really want to ಥ_ಥ

The alternative I'm thinking, in addition to selling the game on itch, is to also sell the game as a reward on my Patreon, since Patreon has more paying methods than Itch. 


Oh, for sure! It wasn't criticism of your decision, you explained the reasons why perfectly well. Just that people voting against it are probably voting that way because it prices it out of their range.


No worries, I took the comment as feedback, which I really appreciate! ☺️ 

I completely understand why people would vote against the decision too. And that's okay! 💪I'll just have to see how it goes with the poll and thinking it a bit morebefore coming to a decision.

Thank you for your comment! 🌸


I don't have a twitter account so I can't answer your pole, but I'd buy the game even if it is only aviable on ^^


No worries about the poll, and thank you so much!! 🥰💕


I really wanted to answer your poll question but don't want to sign up for twitter.  Although I prefer buying games on steam, I absolutely buy games on when steam is not an option or I'm too excited to wait for the steam release of a game. Steam really seems to make you devs jump through lots of hoops. :(

Good luck, I hope you are able to release your game & replenish your gamedev funds! I would definitely  purchase your game through

No worries! Feel free to answer on the devlogs if you don't have twitter/don't want to make one ( ´ ▽ ` )/

Yeah, unfortunately, some websites don't always have options that are beneficial to us devs or people who live in 3rd world countries in general (T_T). I won't lose hope regarding selling games on Steam, someday, though. 

And aaadskjbgksjbg thank you for taking your time to answer here and for your kind words!! I really appreciate it a lot and it helps me out knowing others' views on the matter! ╰(*´︶`*)╯♡