Walkthrough (some spoilers)

Hey, little birds~

It's now been a while since Hummingbird's Crown was released so we'd like to share a walkthrough for those who want a little help getting all the endings <3

Beware this may contain some spoilers so read at your own discretion 🕵️‍♀️ 

We got hints too in case you don't want that many spoilers after the common route 😉 

"I could learn something new!!” (+1 Galvin route)

"For once, it’ll be nice to relax and be surrounded by things I’m passionate about!!” (+1 Lonan  route)

“The one and only, oh, Lonan sensei, master of type elements!!” (+1 Lonan route)

“Wait until you see my puzzle solving skills in Professor Clayton.” (+1 Galvin Route)

“Help him pick up the items that fell on the floor” (+1 Galvin route)

“Make a joke” (+1 Lonan route)

There are 2 fundamental things that determine whether you get the romance endings or not:

  1. Getting BOTH the yellow and blue mementos
  2. Getting the 3 paradoxes from the Time Pond game

As Invar mentions in the tutorial, before you can even get the mementos and paradoxes, you need to collect shards. How do you collect them? 

Yellow and blue shards are collected by making the correct choice (aka the choice that raises affection with the love interest) during dialogues. Get 2 yellow shards to get a yellow memento and 3 blue shards to get a blue memento. 

How do you know which option to choose? 

For Galvin's food preferences, why don't you check his profile on the itch io page? ;D As for his other choices, don't people please nor stay silent. It's better to be honest when you think there's a problem or be challenging if Galvin is being stubborn.

As for Lonan, he's someone who likes it when people care about him. So even if you feel like you sound nosy or rude, Lonan appreciates it when someone is worried about him. Don't be afraid to say what you really think <3 Also, the more time he can spend with you, the better ;D

Red shards, on the other hand, are collected during the Time Pond Investigation game. How do you reach this game? At certain points in the story, when Wren is reflecting, you'll notice that the Pocket Watch starts shining. Click on it before it turns dull to access the Hourglass. Once you're in the Hourglass, click on the Time Pond (you'll notice it has a shiny flower too; this means the Time Pond game is activated). 

Now, each route has a total of 3 Time Pond games. To collect red shards, you need to find contradictory items (basically, items that wouldn't make sense for them to be there either because it looks weird or because they're there at the wrong time). Finding a contradictory item will earn you a red shard. Once you find 3 shards, these will turn into a paradox and the Time Pond game will end. Repeat this process for all 3 Time Pond games and you'll get all 3 paradoxes <3

For the bad ending... huh?? *GASP* Just choosing a single wrong option or failing to get the paradoxes (even if you get all mementos) will make you get it. Oh, the angst! The despair!! 


“Let’s make a bet.” (+1 BLUE SHARD GET)

“Coffee Mousse” (+1 YELLOW SHARD GET)

“Say you should ask for help.” (+1 BLUE SHARD GET)

“Peppermint” (+1 YELLOW SHARD GET)

“Both of you and Galvin need to have better communication." (+1 BLUE SHARD GET) 


"You should try to make more homemade food.” (+1 YELLOW SHARD GET)

“I don’t think what your friend did was right.” (+1 BLUE SHARD GET)

"Ask him" (+1 BLUE SHARD GET)

“Why don’t we cook together sometime?” (+1 YELLOW SHARD GET)

“Stop hiding behind a smile, Lonan” (+1 BLUE SHARD GET)


Main street

- Polaroid camera on top of vending machine

- Crow on top of smiley-face sign

- Gidget's game poster stand next to the car

GameCon with missing decorations (Galvin's route)

- Star on the ceiling

- Polaroid pictures below the carton tree

- Box of converters on the right-most bottom side

GameCon with crowd and decorations 

- Burger (Galvin's route) or Coffee Flan (Lonan's route) on Gidget's booth

- Pocket watch behind owl plushie

- Hourglass under pink table

Underground Parking Lot (Lonan's route)

- Box of converters on top of breaker box

- GameCon tickets on the floor

- Star on the ceiling

Get Hummingbird’s Crown

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