Future Updates' Plans

Hello, little birds~

Pri from FableNovel reporting! O7

It's now been a little while since Hummingbird's Crown was released! We can barely believe ourselves that we were able to make this project in just 2 months (3 if we count April for brainstorming and planning)!! 😭 

We certainly learned a whole lot from the experience (especially that we should make the scope smaller next time 🤣, crunching was not fun for our poor bodies and sleep schedule -even if we chose to do so out of pure passion for this story-) and are excited to work on creating more games!!

So, where do we go from here? Well, apart from the obvious, like fixing bugs & typos, there are a few things that we planned to add to the game that, unfortunately, we didn't have time to during the jam. This includes things such as the Loop Journal,  animations, sprite expressions to fit certain parts of the story better, art... among others, so it's definitely something to look forward to! 🥳

Apart from these updates, there is a certain character that we'd love to make a route for (as you might have caught on in the features ;D). That's right, I'm talking about Invar's route! 😈 ⏳ Still, how quickly we go about making it also depends on the amount of demand there is for it. Our next project will be for Spooktober Jam, so it'll definitely have to be after that; but then again, the more demand there is for it, the more inclined we'll be to make it for an earlier date. So be sure to make your thoughts known if you're excited for an Invar route ;D 

As for Kana, we love her character so much that we 'd love her to be the MC of a future spin off game!! 💕  This, however, will be much smaller than Hummingbird's Crown and only have one romance route. It's also a possibility still, so it's not 100% confirmed since we want to work on other projects as well. But please, do voice if you want to see more of our queen, Kanaria the great 😏

Before ending this devlog post, a small trivia from our team!

"Did you know? Our team likes to call this game Hachidori as an affectionate term (and also because it's less of a mouthful 😂)"

It seems we've run out of time today, little birds, so that's all for now~

We hope you have fun with Hummingbird's Crown, see you in another devlog or, as Invar would say, see you next time~

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I've just finished the game and went straight to read this, and seriously, I am sooo excited for future updates, especially, Invar's route! He's so interesting and pretty. Looking forward to your future projects soon!

I'll also love to see more of Kanaria the great, so please consider the project you've mentioned for her, I LOVE HER SO MUCH OMFG!


I only started playing this game and I am already DYING to have a route for Invar!! AAHHHH. 

I'm generally excited for all your future projects to come! ♥


That's so sweet of you, thank you so much!! ❤️😊 

Look forward to Invar's route, little bird~ 😈

We hope you like our other upcoming projects too, thank you for your comment! ❤️💕 


Sooo I decided to give this game a chance and boy am I happy I did, it's sososo good!! I am SO looking forward to Invar's route, he seems so interesting and his character design and expressions are *chefs kiss*. Can't wait for future updates!

Thank you so much! 💕  We're really happy to know you liked the game and character designs! 😊 ❤️ Hoho, seems the Invar fans are increasing 😏  Good to know~


I just finished the game and absolutely adored every aspect and detail! I honestly would want to have a route for Invar!!


Thank you so much for such a sweet comment! 😭❤ We're really happy you enjoyed the game and are looking forward to Invar's route! 🥰🌸