New Major Update!

Hey there, little birds~

The new update is finally here!

What can you expect from it? Here's a list of the changes we made, things we fixed and things we added:

  • Added a new CG (Crow Invar)
  • Added new menu art ❤️ 
  • Added hurt sprite variations for Wren, Galvin & Lonan
  • Added panting expressions for Wren & Lonan without bruises
  • Added extra save & load pages
  • Added message to ask player if they really want to skip if they try to skip past timepond game in 2nd play of a route 
  • Set default chat mode to click to proceed (this way, the messages won't appear super fast, you'll just need to click)
  • Added all images shown in gallery 
  • Fixed earthquake audio not stopping 
  • Fixed phone closing if opened before dialogue ends 
  • Rearranged phone and pocket watch in dialogue (now they appear inside the textbox)
  • Added 'options' button in phone 
  • Set default audio levels
  • Lowered some audio levels that were too high
  • Added sounds to certain scenes
  • Fixed phone and pocket showing randomly during endings 
  • Fixed phone choice not working after loading
  • Fixed typos and inconsistencies in the plot-script
  • Changed/made fixes in music so that the themes that appear fit the mood of the scenes
  • Edited the tutorial (it's shorter, more to the point & has many images to make it clearer; it's also told to Wren instead of the player)
  • Changed Hourless Glass button to Hourglass button

Hopefully I'm not missing anything 🤔 but still, that's A LOT!

Although we still have more changes we want to make, like adding more art and modifying some dialogue from the timepond game, among others, we thought this was a big enough update to release 😊

We don't know when the next update will be since now we're preparing for Spooktober and we also want to rest a bit from this project to avoid burnout, but rest assured that we'll let you know when we make another update 💪 

See you next time, little birds~

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ee so excited to play!! <3