Cancellation of Fully Voiced Game & Invar's Route

Hello, everyone! It's been quite a while, hasn't it?

Unfortunately, the reason for this devlog is to give a couple of sad news. 

Firstly, we wanted to let you know that the full voice acting that was initially planned for Hummingbird's Crown has been cancelled. The only thing that will get full voice acting will be the prologue (since the voices have already been recorded) but, once they're implemented into the game (I'll implement them myself), that will be it.  Initially, there was going to be full voice acting for the whole game. Eventually, this changed to partial voice acting (with the exception of the fully voiced prologue) but, after a lot of consideration, we ended up deciding we couldn't really devote ourselves to this project anymore. It's already been quite a while since Hummingbird's Crown came out and we've been busy with several different things we're working on and/on or dealing with in our private lives. 

The same can be said for Invar's route. Unfortunately, the route will be cancelled as well. It's honestly very sad for us too because, at one point, we were really excited and looking forward to make this a reality. But, sadly, life gets in the way, sometimes, and there may be other things that take priority. 

We didn't think it'd be fair to let the voice acting work that was already finished go to waste, though, so that's why we decided to implement it into the game so that you can all experience the voices in the prologue, at least. 

This project means a lot to us and we wanted to thank you all for your support. We really appreciate the kind comments you have been sending us a whole lot!! Thank you so much for playing our game, from the bottom of our hearts ❤️❤️❤️

- Pri 

PS: I'll make a new devlog once the fully voiced prologue has been uploaded.

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